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In Pokrzywno near Poznań, surrounded by the greenery of the garden, there is a small "palace". This is our former Elizabethan residence. Currently, the building was to serve other purposes. However, the situation completely changed our plans. We have allocated the house entirely to refugees from Ukraine.

On March 4, late in the evening, the first people fleeing the war-torn country arrived. The house filled up instantly. It is a home for Ukrainian families - mothers with children and the elderly - a total of thirty-three people, half ofnwhom are children. The youngest resident is only a year and a half old. Theyncame to us practically without anything, they needed every basic thing.


Refugees are frightened, full of fears for the future, worried about their fate and that of their loved ones. What we can do for them now is to offer them a place where they will feel safe, where the situation will be stable, where they will not have to go to bed with the fear about what the next day will bring. These are the conditions we are trying to create for our guests in Pokrzywno.




If you want to help us, have some time at your disposal, you can offer your help and energy, and – most importantly – you want to show the refugees
warmth, kindness and heart!!! You are invited!! May your help, your support and above all, your presence help to rekindle the new hope so much needed in these
difficult moments.

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We thank all those who from the beginning support us with prayer and material help. Each of our requests for support was met with an immediatenresponse from wonderful people with open hearts, who without hestitating were ready to devote their time, share their talents, support by their work or what they have. But not only that.

Many people come to us on their own initiative, offering support for the work we have undertaken. We are incredibly grateful to all of them. Thanks to this help, the residents of the Home of Hope, for the moment, are provided with everything that is needed for ordinary, everyday functioning. However, we realize that this is not the end and probably only the beginning of the road. We pray fervently, and we fervently wish for ourselves, and above all our guests from Ukraine, that the war will end as soon as possible, so that they can safely return to their homeland. Unfortunately, we have to take into account various scenarios, including the fact that refugees will remain in our care for a longer period. And in such a situation, it is important to help not only spontaneously and emotionally, but also wisely and systemically.


Running a house, maintenance, food, bills, fees...

This is a great challenge!!! And not only for today or tomorrow...


First of all, we want to take care of the children. We want to provide the youngest victims of this war with education, conditions for learning Polish, as well as the opportunity to spend time and play with their peers. That is why now we are particularly interested in sending our children to school and kindergarten as soon as possible, buying the necessary utensils, notebooks and sports outfits, paying for transport to school and food..

If you wish to support our work
please make a donation with the note "REFUGEES"

Congregation of the sisters of Saint Elizabeth
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God bless you!


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